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Ferrero UK & Ireland

Present in the UK since 1966, Ferrero is a leading family-owned global company. Ferrero’s brand portfolio includes: Nutella; 400g is the UK’s No.1 selling spread SKU ; Ferrero Rocher, the UK’s no.1 classic boxed brand ; Tic Tac, the no.5 pocket confectionery brand ; Kinder Surprise, the no.1 kids confectionery line  brand within the confectionery category; and Kinder Bueno, a top 10 countline brand .

Providing expert category advice, key retailer information and latest product launch news, the Ferrero trade website is the place to go to find out how to drive your sales. Our retailer calendar will make sure you’re kept in the loop with all the important trade events throughout the year.

These unique and iconic brands are driven by quality products which are carefully crafted and supported with heavyweight investment, that not only deliver great tastes for customers, but also deliver great profits for retailers.

Ferrero UK is a dynamic, progressive company, fusing modern, innovative approaches with its rich confectionery heritage. Its leading position in confectionery markets in mainland Europe underpins the commitment to succeed in the competitive UK market.