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About Ferrero

Present in the UK since 1966, Ferrero is a leading family-owned global company. Ferrero is the fourth-largest player in the global confectionery market (FT, 2015) and its unique and iconic brands are well-loved throughout the UK. Ferrero’s brand portfolio includes: nutella; 400g is the UK’s No.1 selling spread SKU¹; Ferrero Rocher, the UK’s no.2 classic boxed chocolate brand²; tic tac, the no.5 pocket confectionery brand³; Kinder Surprise, the no.3 kids confectionery⁴ brand; Kinder Bueno, a top 10 countline brand⁵, and most recently Thorntons, Britain’s much-loved chocolate manufacturer and retailer. The success of each brand is based on quality products which are carefully crafted and supported with significant investment, to deliver great tastes for customers and strong profits for retailers.

Ferrero’s multi-million pound acquisition of Thorntons in 2015 is part of its continued investment in the competitive UK market. The transaction brought together two highly complementary businesses that share the same passion for innovative brand growth, underpinned by a proud heritage with drive and culture built upon family foundations. Ferrero is committed to building a strong and sustainable company that will continue to surprise and delight consumers with high quality confectionery products and experiences.

¹ Nielsen Scantrack, Total Spreads, Total Coverage, MAT to 24.10.15 based on Value Sales
² Nielsen Scantrack, Classic Boxed Chocolate (Boxed excluding Twistwraps), Total Coverage, MAT to 24.10.15 based on Value Sales
³ Nielsen, ScanTrack, Pocket Confectionery, Total Coverage, MAT to 24.10.15 based on Value Sales
⁴ Nielsen Scantrack, Total Kids Confectionery, Total coverage, MAT to 24.10.15 based on Value Sales
⁵ Nielsen, Chocolate Countlines, Total Coverage, MAT to 24.10.15 based on Value Sales (Ranked at number 8)